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The Filipino-American Community of Western North Carolina (FAC-WNC) is a social organization bound together by a common interest in Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and Filipino culture. 


Our aim is to build a tangible, unified presence in Western North Carolina while creating bonds of friendship among Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and Americans who share our interest in Filipino culture and history.  We also aim to promote the continuation of this rich tradition for our children, our families, and our friends by showcasing our unique cuisine, dances, music, and art. 


Our membership is diverse.  We hail from Luzon, the Visayas, Mindanao, Guam, and the USA.  We are Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and Americans.  We are people who are newly arrived here as well as long-time residents.  In age, we run the gamut from babies to oldsters.  We work in all sectors of the economy—finance, medicine, industry, retail, business, government service, and so forth.  Although we are individually diverse, we have something important in common—a special appreciation of Filipino culture that we want to share.


Each year, we hold a Valentine’s Party, Easter Picnic, Memorial Day Picnic, Gala Night, Labor Day Picnic, Halloween Party, and Christmas Party.  (Members also get together informally for occasions such as birthday parties.) Our Annual Gala Night—which features a formal dinner, ballroom/disco dancing, and a cultural show—is always a smashing success.  To ensure that success, we welcome new participants—young and old—to dance, make costumes and props, sing, and otherwise participate in the committees of this, our paramount social and cultural event.  Our get-togethers are family-friendly and we like to have fun. 


Membership is open to anyone interested in Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and Filipino culture who will abide by a few straightforward guidelines such as a willingness to pay dues on time.  Dues are nominal—$20/year for a family and $10/year for an individual.  You can download a membership form from our web site.  We encourage you to view our web site for news and updates, contact one of our officers or other members for more information, join our organization, and tell your relatives and friends about us.  Salamat at Mabuhay!

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